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FrontRow Land Solutions, Inc. helps clients navigate even the most challenging aspects of property acquisition and right-of-way related projects. Whether the project requires just a few hours of compliance consultation or full service project management and delivery, FrontRow Land Solutions has the experience and resources to meet your project objectives. Contact us today to find out how our experience and expertise can work for you.
Acquisition Services

For projects requiring the acquisition of real property, whether the property is residential, commercial, or even vacant land, certain statutory, procedural and legal requirements may exist. FrontRow Land Solutions has the experience necessary, not only to determine which projects may be subject to these requirements, but the expertise necessary to appropriately apply them. 


Our years of experience have furthermore fostered an invaluable capacity to quickly build rapport with affected property owners in what can sometimes be challenging situations. ​

With FrontRow Land Solutions as your project partner,  you gain the expertise of professionals to serve as the intermediary with affected property owners in all phases of the process.  From the initial delivery of project notices, to assisting the property owner through the closing process, and every step in between, we will be there to ensure the process runs smoothly and remains in compliance. 

Every situation is unique, with a path to many possible outcomes.


By providing process information to owners and educating them on their rights FrontRow Land Solutions achieves a comfort level to enable a property owner to fully consider the effect of the acquisition and associated compensation.

Consulting Services

FrontRow Land Solutions offers a broad range of consulting services to meet your project or organizational needs. Whether you need answers to just a few targeted questions, a review of historic transactions or full scale staff training, FrontRow Land Solutions is here to help.

General Consulting & Guidance - Meet with us to answer procedural questions or gain a better understanding of your options and requirements based on your unique situation.
Training - Do you have staff new to right-of-way or a department in need of training? FrontRow Land Solutions offers customized, cost effective training for both individuals and groups to suit your organizations' needs.
Quality Assurance Reviews - Let us review your files either in process or upon completion, to ensure compliance with applicable laws and procedures, and recommend corrective actions as needed.
Expert Witness Services - FrontRow Land Solutions is available to provide expert witness testimony in court or other legal proceedings on process and procedural requirements. Additionally, we can provide guidance for negotiations or legal settlements.


Relocation Services 


In the specialized practice of relocation, FrontRow Land Solutions is an industry leader. With diverse experience with all types of business and residential relocations, we expertly navigate even the most complex relocation situations. Each relocation plan is developed based on informed expert knowledge of applicable relocation regulations, paired with in person interviews with potential displacees.


Our experience affords us the ability to assess relocation needs quickly, define a direction and identify eligible relocation benefits based on any given scenario. We maintain communication with property owners throughout the process to provide information and advisory services to assist in all phases of relocation. Working alongside displacees, we perform a complete and accurate inventory of personal property, assist in locating a replacement comparable property, and oversee and monitor the move relative to relocation benefits.


We have extensive experience serving displacees from diverse categories including single family, multi tenant residential, mobile homes, storage facilities, salvage yards, industrial operations, retail stores, automotive, multi-tenant retail, retail chains, franchises, mom and pop businesses and even marijuana retail and grow operations. Furthermore, our experience is not confined to urban areas but extends to rural areas in both the mountains and the plains.

Research and Reporting
  • information gathering
  • survey of nation's state DOTs
  • research, development and implementation
  • study/research and report for national programs and organizations in the transportation industry
  • time and financial analysis
  • cost benefit analysis
  • regulatory research
  • identification of best practices       View Research and Reporting Portfolio

"It is our passion to provide clients with high quality service, enabling them to provide excellent service to the public, and the best return on their investment."

Wesley Loetz, Executive Vice President