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Would you know where to start if your project impacted a multi-unit commercial property, a mobile home community, or a site with marijuana operations?  These are just a few examples of the complex and unique situations for which the staff of FrontRow Land Solutions has a proven track record. We have the experience and skill required to analyze each situation, identify unique attributes and develop and implement a customized course of action which delivers compliant results.  



Do you know if there are federal or state regulatory requirements associated with your project and if so, which may be applicable? Knowing the answers to a few critical questions determine federal and/or state process compliance requirements. Failure to integrate these mandated requirements could result in the loss of certain types of funding, not only for current projects, but potentially for future projects as well.


Knowing what questions to ask is the first step. What are your funding sources? Does funding in one phase of your project impact the requirements in other phases? Do you need to acquire property to complete the project? What types of property or improvements will your project impact? Are your maintenance projects subject to regulations, such as ADA compliance?   FrontRow Land Solutions can help guide you through these, and many other questions, determine the compliance requirements for your project and integrate compliant procedures into the appropriate phases of your project. 

Many projects involving the acquisition of real estate require compliance with unique federal and/or state regulations. Determining which transactions are subject to these requirements, as well as navigating and appropriately applying these regulations is a niche specialty requiring expert knowledge. FrontRow Land Solutions, Inc. can provide this expertise and serve as your on-demand resource for all of your right-of-way compliance needs.  


  • The Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as Amended (Uniform Act) sets forth regulations governing the processes by which real property may be acquired and relocations administered for projects receiving certain federal funding.

  • If even $1 of federal funding is involved in any phase of a project, federal regulations apply to the entire project.

  • The State of Colorado complies with the Uniform Act in all of its activities related to state transportation projects.

  • No matter the funding source, projects impacting a state or federal facility trigger the requirements of the Uniform Act.

  • Resurfacing projects may trigger required ADA upgrades, which often involve the acquisition of additional right of way.

  • It is always best practice to follow the Uniform Act even in the absence of federal funding in anticipation that federal funding may become available in a future phase of the project.

  • There are reporting requirements for any federally funded project.

  • Quasi-governmental agencies, even when not utilizing public funding or impacting public facilities, are still subject to State of Colorado Statutes governing acquisition under the threat of eminent domain. 

  • It is possible to take corrective action on active or completed projects to bring them into compliance following a Quality Assurance Review with findings.

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Our experience has afforded us many years to develop positive and productive professional relationships with various, state, federal and local agencies involved in various aspects of the right-of-way process. Not only do we know where to go for information, we know the right people and have the organizational knowledge necessary to streamline processes and get the job done. We also nurture professional interactions and teaming opportunities with other consulting specialties and engineering firms to effectively build teams to most efficiently meet your project needs. Let our respected reputation go to work for you.